Web platform for personnel

A web platform for managing personnel resources for volunteer fire departments, search and rescue teams and many other organizations.

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Open Source .Net Licensing

A web platform for managing personnel resources for volunteer fire departments and other organizations.

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.Net Security Community

Learn the vulnerabilities of .Net software development by completing fun challenges on WinForm, MVC, Silverlight and WCF applications.

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Open Source Data Obfuscator

Ever need to ship your production database offsite for testing or support purposes but have confidential data? Obfusate with Dafuscator!

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Business Form Generation

Generate your important director meeting, voting, shareholder meeting, proxy and shareholder certificate documents with Bisforms.

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WaveTech Digital Technologies

In 2012 WaveTech Digital Technologies, Inc. has been reformed under the new name nthDegreeLabs. All of the products and services you are used to at WaveTech are here.

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