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Hi there!, welcome to our new site. It's quite a change from our old site and we're moving things around a lot. A lot of our content is being ported over by hand, seeming we moved from DotNetNuke to Umbraco. Althought DNN is great software and we've been using it for 10 or so years it was time to make a change.

So what are the benifits of our new site? Well first we're going to cut down the wall of texts that normally appear. Yes, I can be a bit buzz-wordy and I try to resist that. But here our blogs will be short and the too the point and our site will deliver what important, less buzz words and more information.

Thanks for being paitent! 


Our passion is creating great software. Check out our projects and see what we’ve been up too.

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WaveTech Digital Technologies

In 2012 WaveTech Digital Technologies, Inc. has been reformed under the new name nthDegreeLabs. All of the products and services you are used to at WaveTech are here.

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