Ever need to ship your database to a 3rd party vendor so they could test or debug something? Every need to create a fully functional test or demo version of your application or site but the data generation tools don't create a large enough set of data? 
Don't generate, obfuscate!
You can use Dafuscator to delete, clear or obfuscate all the important data in your production database leaving as much real data intact as possible. This process will retain the bulk of your data, but allowing you to choose what data to obfuscate, like Social Security Numbers, names, addresses, etc.
Nothing acts like real data, test data generation will never match the variety or bulk of real data, so although perfect for small tests, will lack when trying to identify problems or demo your application in the real world. So don't generate, obfuscate!
Dafuscator is 100% free and open source.



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WaveTech Digital Technologies

In 2012 WaveTech Digital Technologies, Inc. has been reformed under the new name nthDegreeLabs. All of the products and services you are used to at WaveTech are here.

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