WaveTech Digital Technologies has been around for may years, started back in 2000 in Lake Tahoe and formally formed in 2005. WaveTech has seen a lot, starting from helping local customers with customer, network and server issues to designing software. Now in 2012 it's time for WaveTech to re-invent itself and focus on delivering customers with a modern and targeted experiance.

Say goodbye to WaveTech and hello to nthDegreeLabs! So why the change? Well it was a hard decision, although WaveTech will be around in one form or another for much, much longer, our primary development and consulting will all be under nthDegree. The short answer to why is that it was just time.

As a company our priorities changed as the world changed. From client side development, to web applications now to mobile and HTML5/CSS3. We needed to focus on what matters, delivering exceptional software experiances.


Our passion is creating great software. Check out our projects and see what we’ve been up too.

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WaveTech Digital Technologies

In 2012 WaveTech Digital Technologies, Inc. has been reformed under the new name nthDegreeLabs. All of the products and services you are used to at WaveTech are here.

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